Performance of the separate accounts can differ substantially from the actual performance of Blue Point, the model portfolio, due to timing of entry, whether account is taxable or non-taxable, and the timing of withdrawals. Returns include accrued income since 9/30/14. Past performance does not guarantee future results. The management fee schedule is as follows: 1.2% on first $1 million, 1.0% on the next $3 million, 0.85% on next $5 million. Depending on circumstances, institutional fee schedules may be negotiated. Blue Point Investment Management, LLC, is a Maryland registered investment adviser. To receive a copy of the firm's Form ADV Part 2, call Blue Point at 443-600-8050.

Independent Custodian
An independent custodian provides statements and tax reporting.  The independent custodian also offers best execution and clears trades.

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Market Structure & Enhancing Returns

Oct. 8, 2015 | Presentation to CFA Society Virginia at Richmond's Center Stage

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