Our multi-layer investment approach combines a top-down screening process with fundamental, research-driven construction to build a portfolio of securities with the potential to offer superior risk-reward outcomes.

Blue Point uses a top-down investment approach to construct a portfolio of diversified securities.   Through a multi-layer screening process, securities are identified which offer the potential for superior risk/reward outcomes.  Blue Point goes beyond 90-days and takes a long-term orientation with a global perspective.

Screening Process:

  • Through macroeconomic research, sustainable long-term trends are identified.
  • Fundamental research is used to identify market leaders that are capable of capitalizing on the sustainable long-term trends.
  • Analyze the company's cash flow, financial condition, and off balance sheet disclosures.
  • Seek shareholder-oriented management teams which are focused on improving their return on capital.
  • Evaluate the company's execution history and whether operating results are sustainable.
  • Perform relative analysis to peers. Determine whether the company is undervalued relative to its potential growth.
  • Confirm investment hypothesis with third party research while looking for evidence of institutional money inflows into issuer's securities.
  • Look for opportunities where negative market sentiment creates an attractive entry point in the security of a fundamentally sound company.

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