Equity-oriented growth with a global perspective

Investment Strategy

Blue Point offers active management that is focused on capital appreciation. As an active manager who holds individual securities, we seek to minimize downside risk while providing sustainable, long-term growth.

Investment Process

Blue Point uses a multi-layer investment approach combines a top-down screening process with fundamental, research-driven construction to build a portfolio of securities with the potential to offer superior risk-reward outcomes.

Portfolio Manager

Niall H. O'Malley is the founder and Managing Director of Blue Point Investment Management, LLC, which manages the Blue Point model portfolio on a separate account basis. Mr. O'Malley has an MBA from George Washington University in Finance and Investments with minors in Business Law.

Five Star Wealth Manager

Blue Point Investment Management was named a 2020 Five Star Wealth Manager. Nominations are made by peers and firms in the wealth management industry. In the Baltimore area there were 1,898 Baltimore wealth managers were considered for the award and 234 (12% of candidates) were named 2020 Five Star Wealth Managers.

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